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the sound space studio

"How can there be calm when the storm is yet to come?
This unending silence, taut, impervious, unbending,
Not lending an ear to the most delicate of sounds,
Awaits the blast of bombs,
Which man will explode - to break this silent bond,
To use to create hills of soft obedience,
Where sweet-clothed sounds can rebound, and their echoes glide,
Like a carefree bird,
In rhythmic calm,
To a mellow,

Linton Kwesi Johnson

the sound space studio

Links to some of my old music (1998 - 2013)
Current projects available on request

the sound space studio

High Resolution, Variable Acoustics
Monitoring by Audient, K+H and PMC
Digital Conversion by RME and Apogee
Mic Premplification by RND and Focusrite

Moog Voyager, Roland SH101, Lexicon external outboard and much more

Software including Cubase, Logic, UAD, Melodyne, Native Instruments, Waves and many others

Situated just outside Birmingham UK

Music recorded and produced recently at The Sound Space

the sound space studio

I no longer participate in social media, as I believe that the world could value its privacy more.

You can contact me by email below.